Monday, March 14, 2016

OpenStack adventures part 3


My Outreachy internship in OpenStack ended a week ago.

I wish the internship was longer. But for me mostly nothing has changed, I still continue contributing to OpenStack's Zaqar project like my internship still goes on and I still being paid for my work. Because, as I said earlier, the successful completion of internship is not my final destination, but just a step.

Zaqar Core membership

I have recently nominated and become core member of Zaqar team. So now I have core reviewer powers. I can merge patches, for example. It's a great honor for me and I'll try my best at staying worthy of my team's trust. 

OpenStack Summit

What is also great: I'm going to Austin, TX in April to attend to OpenStack summit! I'll meet my team there, participate in Zaqar design sessions and even lead one of them. I'll learn more about other OpenStack's projects. I might get a job in one of the organizations contributing to OpenStack. :o My mentor Victoria said she's pretty positive about it. And I have a hope too. I think I still don't know many things in OpenStack and in Python. But in the end of internship it become clear to me that I'm useful person to have in a team. =)

I have never been in USA. I keep dreaming about my trip... I will see by my own eyes if Walmart is that big as I heard and how many strange people are shopping there. xD

But airplane tickets and hotel nights, which I will need to attend to the summit, are VERY expensive. The total cost of these things equals to three average monthly salaries in my city. Fortunately I participated in OpenStack Travel Support program and... OpenStack Foundation decided to cover these costs! Unbelievable. I'm so grateful for their help.

Final thoughts about Outreachy internship

I think it was life changing decision to participate as Outreachy intern. I see now more clearly what I can try to do next with my small life.

I was a bit worried during application period, but the whole internship was fun and interesting!

It's also very cool that I've chosen OpenStack as organization for my internship. There was an option for me to be an intern in Red Hat's oVirt project and work on mOvirt Android application. It seemed simplier for me, mainly because I know Java programming language much better than anything, but I decided to try myself in OpenStack because of it's friendly environment and opportunities.

So I recommend Outreachy.
Ten snails out of ten!



To Jonathan Ellison:

You have commented my previous post:
How much python did you have to know before starting the project. I am still learning python.
For some reason I'm not able to respond, the reply form doesn't work for me now. I'll try to investigate the problem later. Hope you are reading this. So let me paste here my answer:
I knew not much Python before the internship. Before I was just writing simple procedural scripts on Python for my needs from time to time. But I already had some general programming knowledge, was superficially familiar with some other programming languages, and knew Java at some decent level.
I like interactive lessons and tutorials, So one of my first steps in starting learning Python was installing nice free interactive program "Learn Python" from SoloLearn on my Android phone (perhaps it's available for other platforms as well). By taking few lessons at evenings, I finished them all after a week or two. It helped me a lot to understand the main concepts and syntax in Python. I wish I finished this program before digging into the project's source code, things would be much easier. Maybe you could also use this or any other interactive learning tool.
Hope this helps.

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