Monday, December 7, 2015


I'm so happy I made it to Outreachy program!

Today is the official start of my internship period.

Participation in the program might be a great opportunity for me to turn my programming hobby into a career, grow professionally, learn new wonderful technologies, steal some best practices and make new friends.
I'm dreaming about migrating somewhere warmer and safer away from my country.
I believe the internship can bring this dream a bit closer to realizing.

Also I think it's a good start for me to begin programming commercially.
Selling homework projects written on Pascal in university few years ago doesn't count. =)

And what I find most cool about all of this is that I'll be working on free and open source software. Sounds like a dream.

Actually I already started working two months ago on Zaqar project, which is a part of OpenStack cloud-computing platform.
OpenStack is mostly written in Python and honestly, I really miss static typing like in Java, especially when it comes to debugging.

I made some friends in Zaqar team.
One of them is my mentor Victoria (vkmc). I met her in Zaqar chat. She was very friendly and helped me by pushing me towards making my first tiny patch. I was scared to do so, because I was still figuring out how Zaqar internally works. After the push I quickly got into the swing of making patches and reporting bugs, and by the way I finally learned how Zaqar works. Zaqar team was thankful for every patch I made, even for the first silly one.
So far all people I met in OpenStack were nice and welcoming to me. And everyone is kind to each other. I like it very much.

In this blog I'll describe my adventures and will also try to provide useful tips and guides for the future OpenStack developers.

I'm not a native English speaker, so please let me know if you notice some grammar or orthographic mistakes in my writings.
I'd really appreciate that! 

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